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Source: Frankenpost, 25.10.2019 Special edition: 24 hours – Around the clock in Upper Franconia

Humanity’s desire to transport goods from A to B is just as old as the desire for food. The logistics industry remains a growing market, which logistics companies increasingly have to face. Logistics is the third largest economic sector in Germany. 

One of these companies, which has benefited from the steadily growing freight transport in recent years and will do so this year, is the Hofer A+H GmbH, headquartered in the district of Krötenbruck.

“Our way. Their goal" is the slogan that the company has written on the banner. Founded in 2007, A+H GmbH is now one of the established logistics companies in the region. “We achieved a turnover of ten million euros in 2018 and will probably reach EUR 13 million at the end of this year,” reports Managing Director Ertan Dönmez. “We still see each other as teenagers in the industry, but are on the best way to grow up,” the managing director smiles. Behind these figures is a sophisticated logistics and freight system. The company serves the Munich-Hamburg freight route several times a day. Early at 9 o'clock white sausages in Munich – in the evening a fish rollin Hamburg. For the most part, the Hof freight forwarding company serves the South Germans and the Hamburg area. In order to meet the wishes of customers – including large companies from the automotive industry, beverage logistics, the construction industry, the aircraft industry and, last but not least, the transport of hazardous goods – under the company philosophy “Who goes with us, continues to move forward”, the Hof-based company relies on a fleet of 37 vehicles that are on the road every day. With the subcontractors, 50 to 55 vehicles are in fixed daily use. The company is proud that two female riders are also part of the A+H team. The vehicles correspond to the latest generation and are equipped with all modern systems. Every three years, the company changes vehicles and invests in a high level of road safety. A second aspect: “Each of our trucks is filled with 1,5 drivers. This way," says Managing Director Ertan Dönmez, "we succeed in meeting the tight requirements for drivers and driving and rest periods”. A+H Logistics employs people from 12 nations; There are currently 77 employees. The good cooperation – an example that integration can succeed – is based on a high level of professionalism in dealing with each other. “As a family business, it is important to us that our employees identify with A+H and are happy to come to work,” explains Managing Director Dönmez and adds: “The personal word and a handshake still have something to do with us – there is a commitment that stands for doing what you say”.

In recent years, the Hof family-owned company has invested in the Hof site – as a motorway hub between Munich and Hamburg, Prague and Stuttgart. A fully equipped workshop with tire assembly and a truck washing system was built, the transshipment bridges were modernised, the company building with an office area of 300 square meters was completely renovated up to new IT technology. The logistics company has a total of 16,000 quadratmeters at the disposal of the logistics company.

In order to stay on the pulse of time in the logistics industry, A+H GmbH has recently built on the air and sea freight division. The opening of a first branch office in Hamburg is planned for autumn 2020.


  • Land transport nationally: From the mountains to the sea
  • International land transport: A competent and multilingual team of forwarding merchants with international roots acts as a mouthpiece for transports outside the German borders. Years of cooperation, long-standing know-how and a wide range of services make it possible to present individual solutions.
  • Air and sea freight
  • Value Added Services: Special trips \ Customs handling \ Warehousing: Temporarily or indefinitely – 2000 square meters of covered and another 4000 square meters of open storage space – camera-monitored – are available on the freight forwarding site.