The year 2020 is finally behind us


The year 2020 is finally behind us

but we are on a growth course more than ever and would like to provide information about our portfolio:

- Own fleet of vehicles
More than 50 vehicles (standard / MEGA / Joloda semi-trailers, jumbo articulated trains) around the clock in long-distance traffic.
All semi-trailers comply with "Code XL" - GPS control - transport of extra-wide goods up to 3 meters.
With the exception of radioactive substances (class 7), we transport all packaged dangerous goods, including class 1.

- warehouse logistics
We can offer you 3000m² covered and 5,000m² outdoors for logistics and storage.

- Export/Import
Expand customs and foreign trade knowledge? Long-standing employees in the international flow of goods are at your side with advice and action.
We can realize your imports at short notice via our own deferment account. bonded warehouse? Approved shipper/recipient? We have everything!

- Special trips
Your own Sprinter for time-critical deliveries is available day and night. Should it be a little bigger? You are also welcome to use our "big ones" for special trips - farewell to line standstills. a flexible service provider, we are always at your service - without expensive intermediaries and directly from first hand.
Get in touch with our professional logistics specialists - you won't regret it.